Public Discourse Project
In Spring 2019, the Liberty & Law Center launched an innovative program that matches Scalia Law students, with differing political ideologies, for a conversation about their beliefs over a meal (provided by the Liberty & Law Center). The program is currently only open to Scalia Law students.

Free Speech Clinic
In Fall of 2018, the Liberty & Law Center launched the Free Speech Clinic, which provides law students with hands-on experience representing clients against infringements upon their freedom of speech. The Clinic is also a resource for organizations, students, journalists, and citizens defending and advancing freedom of expression.

Liberty & Law Reading Group
The Liberty & Law Reading Group provides an opportunity for faculty and students to come together in an informal setting to discuss and debate readings on the topic of liberty.

Public Interest Litigation and Advocacy
Under the leadership of distinguished Adjunct Professor Clark Neily, the Liberty and Law Center developed a one-of-a-kind public interest concentration for law students interested in pursuing careers in public interest advocacy. The program includes an externship component that will place participating law students at local public interest law firms, such as the Institute for Justice, where they will receive hands-on training advocating for individual liberty and the public good. Launched in Spring 2019, the concentration is available to rising GMU law students who will have at least two more years of law school as of enrollment in the program.