Public Policy Conferences and Workshops

Our conferences, workshops, and events bring together hundreds of legal and policy experts to cultivate debate on topics such as individual liberty, the constitutional rule of law, and freedom of speech. We have partnered with organizations such as the Institute for Justice, Pacific Legal Foundation, and the Institute for Humane Studies, among others, to provide timely programming on these issues. Past conferences have included examinations of topics such as whether the “will of the people” actually exists, the role of state judicial deference, what the future of Fourteenth Amendment jurisprudence holds, and the moral grounds for property rights.

In addition, we regularly host manuscript workshops, where we bring together leading scholars and experts to provide feedback and commentary on forthcoming liberty-advancing books.

Voices for Liberty Symposium on Civil Rights and Free Speech
Date: Friday, September 22nd, 2023 at 9:30 am
Location: Antonin Scalia Law School
This symposium brings together senior scholars and exciting new voices to present cutting-edge research on the role freedom of speech plays in advancing civil rights movements (past, present and future). Scholars will present new papers exploring whether free expression helps or harms the cause of social progress, entrenching an unjust status quo or providing critical support for groups wishing to challenge it. Topics include the free speech rights of BLM protestors, the impact of speech restrictions on disability rights, Section 230, and the censoring of abolitionist newspapers in the American south.