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This Week in 1969: Street v. New York

By Madison Breshears, 1L Research Assistant On a summer afternoon in 1966, Sidney Street was listening to the radio in his Brooklyn apartment when he heard James Meredith had been shot.[1] The well-known civil rights leader had been hit by a sniper’s bullet in Mississippi during his lone march through the South. Street recalled saying … Continue reading “This Week in 1969: Street v. New York”

This Week in 1919: Frohwerk v. United States

By Madison Breshears The politics of wartime have never been conducive to the protection of individual liberties. Still, conflict provides an illuminating stress-test for the condition of a nation’s commitment to its self-proclaimed values—excavating and laying bare critical questions about the democratic conscience that may have otherwise remained unexamined. It was not until the unprecedented … Continue reading “This Week in 1919: Frohwerk v. United States”